DIY: Raffia Mirror

Nothing brings a boring wall to life that a statement piece. Here’s a quick way to update your wall and save some bucks. All the items were purchased from Bunnings or Kmart and the total project cost under $30.

What you’ll need:


  1. Gather all your items. You can break the project down to three parts. Looping the raffia strands, braiding the jute and sticking the beads.
  2. Take the raffia and separate into smaller strands. Using the larger wire ring, start looping the raffia around the ring. This will require a little patience as it can take up a some time.
  3. Using a glue gun, attach the ring onto the mirror frame. Set aside.
  4. Take some jute rope and create a braid. Attach the rope onto the frame.
  5. Take the wooden beads and attach onto frame.
  6. Attach a hanging strip onto the back of the frame and attach onto wall!

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