DIY: Bead necklace

It’s no secret that I love collecting beads and all things that lead to jewellery, so here’s a project I did during lockdown which made some use of the stock I pile! It isn’t hard to make but does require a degree of patience – beware this may take a few hours to complete but you will love the end result!

THH Difficulty Level: 

What you’ll need:

– Chain

– jewellery wire (I had no wire and opted to use earring hooks instead. This added extra time to the preparation but worked fine in the end).

– beads of choice

– necklace clasp, small jewellery rings

– a pair of pliers


  1. Gather all your items.
  2. Cut small pieces of jewellery wire to stack the beads. As I didn’t have wire at the time, I straightened earring hoops which worked well too.
  3. Stack the beads to create a bar. Repeat as desired.
  4. Once complete, add jewellery rings and connect to the chain.
  5. Add a clasp.
  6. Ready to be worn or perfect as a gift!

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