Upcycled: recycled paper

Here’s another child-friendly, screen-free activity to do – making recycled paper. I can get a little messy so I would recommend an art smock and some gloves.

THH Difficulty Level: images-e1542928244330.pngimages-e1542928244330.png

What you’ll need:

– 2 x dozen-sized egg cartons

–paper making mould (I made one using an old photo frame and PVC mesh  and used an IKEA bag clip to press the paper onto the cloth)

– cut cloth

– blender

– bowl


  1. Gather all your items.
  2. Take the egg cartons and tear them into pieces. Transfer to the blender, add a little water and blend until the mixture is pulpy.
  3. Pour the mix into a bowl (you can add leaves or flowers into the mixture if desired) and push the mould into the mix.
  4. Gently remove the mould out of the mixture and turn it onto a dry piece of cloth. Using the IKEA bag clip, push it down to ensure the pulp has fully transferred. Leave it to air dry.
  5. Repeat as desired.

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