DIY: Shell earrings

I’ve recently taken a little interest in wire jewellery (you can expect many more jewellery posts coming up in the next few months) and although it can be a little tricky at first, the end result came out quite well! I didn’t have the correct wire but improvised using earring hooks and pliers but I’d recommend you use some jewellery wire (if possible) and you can save yourself a lot of time!

THH Difficulty Level: images-e1542928244330.png

What you’ll need:

4 earring hooks

2 jewellery connector rings

– 2 stone beads. I used some rose quartz I had lying around from a broken bracelet but these would do too!

– 2 sea shells (I used these ocean charms from Kmart)

jewellery pliers


  1. Gather all your items.
  2. Take the shell, attach a connector ring and then attach a earring hook.
  3. Using the pliers, straighten the hook enough to slide a bead through. Create a loop and cut the remaining wire. Repeat on the other earring.
  4. Attach the earring hooks to the two shells to create the earrings.
  5. Your new earrings are ready to be worn!

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