DIY: Pom pom bow hair clip

When you have a lil girl at home, you never seem to run short of hair accessories. However, they often disappear when you need them and miraculously reappear in the most bizarre places! Here’s one we made a few days ago to add to the ever growing collection…

THH Difficulty Level: images-e1542928244330.png

What you’ll need:

–  Mesh fabric (I used an pillow protector)

– fabric pom poms

– glue gun

– needle and thread

– hair clip or hair band


  1. Take the mesh fabric, fold it in two and cut the fabric.
  2. Sew three sides of the material.
  3. Turn the fabric over to create a bag and fill it with the pom poms.
  4. Sew the top.
  5. Cut a small strip of fabric and using the hot glue, wrap it around the middle to create the bow.
  6. Squeeze glue and attach the bow onto the hair clip.

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