DIY: Interactive kid’s calendar

Keeping my little one busy during lockdown the first time around was a little bit of a mission. This time around, I aimed to keep her busy with a exciting activity everyday and one of them was a daily calendar. If you’re currently looking for activities to do with a toddler, this one is great way to start the day.

THH Difficulty Level: images-e1542928244330.pngimages-e1542928244330.png

What you’ll need:

– Laminated template of the kids calendar (I’ve also included a clock print out which you can use for another activity)

– 4 felt sheets

– Velcro stickers

– glue gun and a few glue sticks

– A4 photo frame

– Sharpie pen

– Embroidery floss and needle


  1. Get all your items ready.
  2. Print this template and laminate it.
  3. Cut the sheet and separate into categories – Days of the week, date, ordinal numbers, months, year, weather, seasons and feelings.
  4. Attach the Velcro stickers on each item. Set them aside.
  5. Take the photo frame, remove the clear sheet and replace with a felt sheet.
  6. Write your wording for the calendar placing appropriate parts of each category (look at image 7 below).
  7. Remove the laminated items on the frame and replace them with matching soft Velcro stickers. You will need a glue gun for this to secure it further.
  8. Now it’s time to make your calendar book! Get 3 sheets of felt, fold it in two and bind it using embroidery floss to make a book. Then dedicate a page to the categories listed in order – Days of the week (page 1), Date and ordinal numbers (page 2), Months and Year (page 3), Weather and seasons (page 4) and Feelings (page 5).  Transfer your laminated items onto the book.
  9. For an added touch, I used the embroidery floss and outlined the wordings but this is entirely optional.
  10. Your personal kid’s calendar is ready for use!


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