DIY: Reusable cloth face mask

Face coverings are the hype these days and has been recommended to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. If you’s like to use a reusable one but don’t want to fork out extra, have no fear! Here’s a simple way to make an up-cycled reusable face mask in under five minutes.

THH Difficulty Level: images-e1542928244330.png

What you’ll need:

–  some form of cotton, linen material (it could be an old T-shirt, demin, linen garment – I opted to cut an old cotton dress)

– elastic and safety pin

– sewing machine or needle and thread


  1. Get all your items ready
  2. Cut two pieces of 15cm x 30cm (you can also measure the width and length from the tip of your nose to tip of your chin for a more accurate measure, add 5 cm to both measurements)
  3. Turn the material inside out and sew three sides.
  4. Turn the material right way out and sew the last opening.
  5. Fold and sew the lengths.
  6.  Take the elastic and cut the amount your require (I used 35 cm for a tight fit). Using the safety pin, slide the elastic through to create the head loop (I found the head loop feels better for longer periods when compared with the ear loop). Tie a knot and your mask is ready to be used.


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