Revamped: Turn a basket into a handbag

Nothing says, “Summer” better than a woven straw bag – once you pair it with a light summer dress, your outfit is ready! If you don’t have one, here’s a straw bag of your own, here’s a simple way to upcycle a woven basket and convert it into a much-loved summer essential!

THH Difficulty Level: images-e1542928244330.png 

What you’ll need:

– a woven basket ( I got mine from IKEA)

– feathered tassel  (I made mine using this video). You could also use a glue gun and attach a trimming, tassel or pom poms


  1. Get all your items ready.
  2. Attach the desired trimming (I just tied a string and attached it onto the handle).
  3. Ready to use.

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