DIY: Reusable linen tea bags

The new year always calls for positive changes, reflections and resolutions – this year, I’ve promised myself to consciously reduce my plastic consumption, be mindful of what I consume (create less waste, eliminate palm-oil products)  and experience a more reusable, sustainable and carbon-conscious lifestyle.

I’ve discovered that tea hoarding might also be in my blood and with all the recent news of microplastics in store bought premium tea bags, I’ve decided the first switch is to start using my own tea bags. I made mine by hand but if you find it easier, you can use the sewing machine. It took me 30 mins to complete five bags.

THH Difficulty Level: images-e1542928244330.png 

What you’ll need:

– clear, dye-free organic cotton, linen or cheesecloth

– jute ribbon

– small safety pin

– Scissors, needle and white thread – you can opt to use a sewing machine to speed the process up.


  1. Get all your items ready.
  2. Cut the material into 6x4cm pieces. You will need two per pouch.
  3. Fold the edges of the top inwards by roughly 1.5 cm and stitch the hem.
  4. Repeat on other piece of material.
  5. Join the strips together so that the hems are facing outward. Stitch the two strips together leaving the top open. This will create a pouch.
  6. Turn the pouch inside out.
  7. Take a safety pin and send the jute rope through the loops. Cut the rope on both sides and tie knots. Repeat the process to make as many tea bags as desired.
  8. Hand wash before use and leave it to dry. When you want to use the tea bags, simply use a tea spoon and drop the desired amount of tea and brew it inside the cup.

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