DIY: Reusable food wraps

THH Difficulty Level: images-e1542928244330.png

What you’ll need:

– Beeswax pellets (100g of wax was enough to cover four pieces of 20cm x 20cm fabric). For a vegan alternative, opt for soy wax pellets.

– Natural fabric cut into 20cm x 20cm squares (I used cotton and linen)

– Baking paper

– Iron


  1. Get all your items ready.
  2. Take a sheet of baking paper and place one square of fabric on top.
  3. Sprinkle the beeswax and cover the fabric evenly.
  4. Cover the fabric with another sheet of baking paper.
  5. Using a hot iron (no steam function), iron the baking paper until the wax melts, spread evenly.
  6. Leave it to dry for an hour.
  7. Repeat as desired.

Cleaning your sheets is quick and easy. Simply rinse the sheets with lukewarm water and mild dish soap and leave to dry naturally. Do not use hot water or other harsh cleaning agents as this is affect the antibacterial properties of the beeswax.

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