DIY: Felt finger puppets

THH Difficulty Level: images-e1542928244330.pngimages-e1542928244330.png

Here’s something to keep the ‘lil ones going and would always work well as a hand-made gift. My inspo came from “five little ducks”, but you could make one after a storybook (The Gruffalo is my fave) or even another song (Old McDonald). Pinterest has got loads of ideas covered!

What you’ll need:

Felt sheets – I used yellow and orange for ducklings

– a pair of scissors

– a pencil

– Needle and thread


  1. Get all your items ready.
  2. Cut out the shapes – first cut out the beaks (small diamonds) x 5, the puppets (fold the material and draw exaggerated fingers) x 10, wings x 5
  3. Start by stitching the beaks onto five of the outlines. Then add the eyes, and wings thereafter.
  4. Join the outlines together and sew around the corners.


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