DIY: Embellished choker

THH Difficulty Level: images-e1542928244330.png

Here’s an idea to create an easy to make embellished choker guaranteed to make a statement.

What you’ll need:

– an applique of choice (I used two identical ones but you could use one long one if preferred)

– Fabric glue

– Two equal lengths of ribbon

– Thick fabric for lining – I used a piece of off-cut leather but you could even use a felt or heavy linen

– A pair of scissors

– A needle and thread (if required)


  1. Get all your items ready.
  2. Take one applique, one ribbon and the cloth. Turn the applique around and glue the inner part.
  3. Attach the applique onto the material affixing the ribbon in between. This will create a string to tie the choker.
  4. Repeat on other side. Leave it to dry overnight.
  5. Grab a pair of scissors and cut the excess material. You can you a needle and thread to reinforce the applique and ribbon although I didn’t require it at the end. I simply added a few stitches to the ends of the choker to secure the ribbons.
  6. Your choker is ready to prowl the town!

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