Revamped: Pimp my plimsoll

So I had these very old pair of plimsolls that I bought from Italy when my four year-old Havaianas decided to leave me barefoot in the middle of Naples. Luckily, an Alcott store was just around the corner and I grabbed this pair for £5. I’m not a plimsoll kinda girl and this pair was in the closet for almost three years, until now…

There’s no denying it, I love haberdashery! I have a box (or two, maybe three) overflowing with all sorts of haberdashery – tassels, rope, buttons, lace, ribbon, the works!  While I was rummaging through this, I found these ornate attachments and thought they’d be great attached onto the pair. Heck, I’d lose £5 or gain a statement piece!

I needed to give the material some more oomph as the black material on the plimsoll was too dull for my liking. I grabbed a piece of black velvet and thought I would cover the top with material. Looking back, this part was very messy because the glue got everywhere! So use a pair of gloves (I, of course, didn’t) and let it dry overnight before you attempt to attach the embellishment.

Once the shoes are dry, just grab a needle and thread and attach the embellishment onto the top of the shoe and voila!

THH Difficulty level:  images-e1542928244330.pngimages-e1542928244330.pngimages-e1542928244330.png

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  1. majeang says:

    They look very gucci inspired! Nice job


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